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Enrico & Eduardo - A Team Hooman Book

"This book is dedicated to Felicia Day. Without her charisma and creativity, these characters would never have made a home in the hearts of the authors, and all of Team Hooman."

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Emily Weingart is from Milwaukee and works in a bakery. Her accomplishments include beating the main and faction questlines in Skyrim, and memorizing lots of song lyrics. She wrote and recorded the music album Inspired by Felicia Day's gaming streams.

Andy Tiarks has read a lot of books, especially comic books, but this is the first time that he has ever tried to author a children's book. Luckily, he had plenty of help. In his spare time, he likes to make stuff out of yarn. He would like to remind you to never underestimate yourself. "If we can write a book and crochet stuffed animals, there's no telling what you can do!"

For more information about the book, you can reach the authors at: EnricoAndEduardo@gmail.com