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How did Team Hooman originate?
Let me refer you to this wonderful blog post written by TorontoGal on 'The Origin of Team Hooman'.
Where did "Hooman" come from?
'Hooman' came from Ryon playing a game called Damned with Felicia. As a monster going after human players, Ryon used a funny voice to say, "Hoomans, where are you my hoomans, I want to be your friend." Later on, it came to refer to members of the community. Hence, 'Team Hooman'!
What's with the raccoon?
In early gaming streams, Felicia wore a raccoon shirt which got commented on frequently until it became an inside joke. Over time, the raccoon turned into a 'mascot' for the group.
How do you join Team Hooman?
You don't "join". Team Hooman is about inclusion, not exclusivity and being divisive. As long as you're respectful of the community and can disagree with others without being disagreeable, then we welcome you with open arms! Bonus points for subscribing to Felicia and Ryon's channels, as proceeds from those go to charity.
How do I get involved and find members of Team Hooman?
Easy ways to get involved with the community would be to check #TeamHooman on Twitter, or join the FB group.
Where can I buy the first Team Hooman shirt, Evolution of Hooman?
That shirt was designed by me for the community, and made available by Felicia for a limited time.
Can I use the Team Hooman logo and raccoon for one of my projects?
I created the Team Hooman logo and raccoon design, which are exclusively licensed to Felicia/G&S. This, in short, means only they have the rights to use these assets. I imagine they'd approve of most non-commercial uses if it benefited the community, but it may be best to ask first!
Is this site owned or operated by Felicia, Ryon or Geek & Sundry?
No. This site is run by me, with help regarding content from community members. All views expressed here are our own. Having said that, Felicia and Ryon know about the site and it is their community. If they request something to be added, changed or removed, it will be done!
Does anyone profit from the site?
Quite the opposite. This is a volunteer project in every way. A lot of time and money has been invested into this site - including web hosting costs.
Can I share something on the Team Hooman site?
That depends! If it benefits the community and is non-commercial, the answer will usually be yes. If you're trying to profit off the community somehow, the answer will usually be no.
How do I join the Team Hooman Twitch Team?
Ryon created the Team Hooman Twitch Team. My advice would be to let people know when you stream and get involved. Once you've been around for awhile, ask Ryon about joining!
I'm having trouble with the site (ex. things not loading), what should I do?
Please make sure your browser is up-to-date with Javascript enabled. Many issues with a site not working properly can be attributed to using an old browser, installing things like pop-up blockers, or changing a browser's settings to be so restrictive that features stop functioning. If that's not the case and you still encounter issues, please let me know!