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Team Hooman formed around Felicia Day and her brother Ryon. We embrace being ourselves and spreading kindness online. While we center around gaming, our charitable giving makes finding a community like ours hard to find!
The word hooman originated from Ryon playing Damned with Felicia. Later, it referred to members of the community. We're an artistic, talented group which is why this site will highlight some of what hoomans have done or been involved in.

Team Hooman Is

Team Hooman means having friends in all corners of the world. It's having a plethora of hands to pull you in for a hug when you're feeling down.

Team Hooman is a group with members that span the world. We're diverse and different but share common values of respect, love and empathy. While we may not always agree, we strive to be understanding and non-judgmental, which is often hard to find online.
T-shirt designs were created by an artist in Chicago, Illinois. Emotes for Felicia and Ryon's gaming streams were designed by another in Austria. Volunteer moderators keep things running smoothly in chat from Australia, Indonesia and many other places in the world.

Diverse yet inclusive, distributed yet connected, far-reaching and supportive. Team Hooman represents the strength of online community!

From subscription proceeds on Felicia and Ryon's Twitch channels being donated to worthwhile causes, to making an impact on charity drives, Team Hooman is known for giving back in a big way through our volunteer efforts.
Our members show random acts of kindness by buying gear for those who can't, creating and fundraising for Geek & Sundry and related channels, and money from our t-shirts have gone to raise $8,000 for the Wildlife Learning Center!

Finding Team Hooman - a community that values compassion, generosity and support, has changed my online interactions forever.

Team Hooman can be found many places online, and is inclusive - not exclusive. You don't need to 'apply' or 'join' the community - just be positive and involved! You can find us with #TeamHooman on Twitter, through our Facebook group, on Steam, our Twitch channel, and more!
Many members of Team Hooman moderate each other's live streams to ensure the same level of respect and compassion is shown throughout the community. We also moderate Geek & Sundry, Felicia, Ryon and other large, successful Twitch channels too!

Team Hooman's rapid growth shows that when you put positive energy out into the world, it multiplies as it returns. It's like a beacon to humanity, assuring all that hope remains.

Team Hooman used to be a small, dedicated group of like-minded fans on Felicia and Ryon's gaming streams. Over the course of time, the Facebook group and Twitter page have gained thousands of followers - including some game makers!
Even as the community grows, we work together to maintain the values that we embraced from the beginning - inclusion, respect and kindness. We hope to continue to be a model for how people can and should be, online or off.

Team Hooman is not just a community, but a growing movement of positivity and kindness on the internet. I have never felt less alone than standing with all of you.

Our community is about being relentlessly positive and helping each other out when we need it. Many members, such as TorontoGal, are models for how people should treat each other online. It's part of why the group has lasted as long as it has!
Positivity can be contagious. Online, things can frequently trend towards negativity, trolling and similar vitriol. Team Hooman is a growing movement for paying things forward and being non-judgmental.

Embrace Your Weird T-shirt

The majority of the proceeds from Felicia Day's "Embrace Your Weird" apparel will go to Anti-Bullying charities. Please support!

Things hoomans say

Team Hooman has been that wonderful surprise and support I never knew I needed. A beautiful community of love.


Things hoomans say

A fun, uplifting and understanding community of like minded people, that is #TeamHooman. I'm happy to be a part of it.


Things hoomans say

Before MCM London I was an only child. Now I have a family and so many new friends thanks to Team Hooman! Words simply cannot express this <3


Community Art

Check out all the cool artwork that community members have been making, or find out how to add your own to the growing gallery!

If you have something that would be a good fit to showcase on the site, let me know on Twitter (@jonwest0) or in our Facebook group. I'm always looking for interesting things to put here.